Encinitas Chiropractor Treats Herniated Discs

Photo of Dr. David MelendexOur three step non-surgical system of posture and spinal correction gets results when standard medical, physical therapy or other ordinary methods have proven insufficient to alleviate back pain. Most patients come to me after many trips to the pharmacy for over-the-counter and prescription drugs, multiple physical therapy visits and epidural cortisone injections. They often come by referral as a last resort, one step before surgery in serious need of help, seeking lasting relief and real healing. These patients have two things in common: one is they have a chronic and recurring condition, pain and or ill health from past neck or back injury and secondly, they’ve tried many other treatments and techniques with little or no success. The first question I often ask is: “If your body is designed to heal, how come you’re not healing?” A look of bewilderment and frustration is a common reaction. The truth is, your body is designed to heal itself when given the right opportunity. In the case of most patients that come to see me, that right-opportunity has not been realized because of a “missing link,” which is most often an unaddressed interference to their nervous system by way of a distorted and subluxated spine.

Faulty posture and spinal distortions (subluxation), stretch, press, and choke the spinal cord and nerves interfering with the vital nerve signals that travel from your brain to all your body’s organs and tissues. The role of your nervous system is to control and coordinate all your organs and parts, including the healing process. So when someone is suffering from a chronic health problem, a sign that they’re not completely healing, the “missing link” for complete healing often lies in restoring the health of their nervous system. For complete healing to occur, your nervous system must be free of any interference, with a free flow of unobstructed vital nerve signals from your brain to your body.

A distorted posture, stiff and subluxated spine often has remodeled and adapted to its current aberrant position from past neck and back injury/trauma or repetitive poor postural habits, chronically weakened muscles and reduced vital nerve signals to your body parts, like a dimmer switch reducing electricity to a light fixture.

Our unique method of posture and spinal correction has been refined over the past 10 years out of much pain and disability. My ethic of work hard, play hard caught up to me with severe injuries to my neck and lower back, multiple herniated and bulging discs, resulting in pain, disability and inability to walk let alone work. The technique I practice today is the one that restored my spine and health back to full function. I am very grateful. This system works by specifically addressing the cause of chronic pain and ailments by changing ones posture and spine back to its once ideal position, opening up and removing nerve interference, allowing a free flow of vital nerve signals for maximum healing potential. Posture and spinal correction doesn’t happen overnight, but done repetitively, over enough time, predictable changes and ‘miracle healings’ regularly occur. Our unique method includes a three pronged approach: spinal decompression, specific chiropractic adjustment, and patient specific postural body-weighting done with whole body vibration. Unless the spine and posture is favorably changed and then stabilized, muscle memory and neurological patterning, reverts the posture and spinal column back to its old adapted and distorted position, once again reducing vital nerve signals and weakening healing potential. A past injured spine becomes stiff, distorted and compressed with damaged discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles. Spinal degeneration sets in depositing calcium (osteoarthritis) and extra boney growth as spur formations (stenosis), disc dehydration/desiccation (disc herniation), torn or over-stretched ligaments (sprain), fibrosis scar formation which is stiffer, weaker and more pain sensitive (chronic back pain), stretched or compressed nerves (sciatica) blocking function and healing, shortened and splinted muscles, all innately attempting to adapt and protect the chronic spinal column mess presented.

How do you bend hard plastic? You don’t, unless you heat it up and soften it prior. Likewise, your cold, stiff and fibrotic spine must be warmed up with motion, water and spinal stretches. The best way to prepare and then change the spine is with the Pettibon System of Spinal Correction and Rejuvenation which encompasses our three pronged method and technique.

The first step is re-hydrating the discs and soft tissue of your spine with alkaline water, restoring spinal motion with loading and unloading cycles upon the discs through the use of the wobble chair and cervical repetitive traction. The spine is now ready for Spinal decompression on the Pettibon Spinal Rejuvenation Table (SRT) with whole body vibration, which helps reduce muscle spasm and splinting, relaxing muscles so the spinal segments can open and re-hydration of damaged discs can occur while pulling out spinal kinks, abnormal spinal angles and restoring spinal column alignment. The second step includes specific chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations and restore life giving nerve supply to your organs and parts for maximum healing. The third step in our method is a unique core strengthening system that is tailored specifically to each patient’s posture and spinal column needs. This method is the ultimate posture training that strengthens the spine to stay in the new corrected position predictably and permanently. In order to effectively correct the spine, restore nerve supply and create complete healing, the spine and vital nerve supply must remain open, over enough time, for complete healing to occur. Often the spine is like an accordion, gravity will once again collapse a weakened spine, blocking nerve supply and healing potential, causing a plateau of progress and a feeling of frustration from chronic pain and incomplete healing. Our specific re-rehabilitation techniques prevent that plateau and gravity collapse from occurring, keeping the nerve signals on and open, over enough time, for complete healing to occur. When these procedures are applied repetitively, over enough time, these corrections stick with the new posture and spinal alignment becoming permanent with the end of chronic ailments and pain, a new reality.

You no longer have to accept chronic ailments and pain as normal. It’s not normal, just all too common. Don’t accept mediocrity for your health and healing; start expecting a superior standard of results by giving your body the right opportunity to truly heal itself. Remember, the opportunity for healing was never lost, just missed. Don’t miss your opportunity for maximum healing, health and function; see if our system is right for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation with our doctors today. You have nothing to lose but your chronic pain and ill health.

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